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Supply to hypermarkets

We are a distributor of clothing across middle Europe.

The main customers are chains of hypermarkets and departmental stores.

We have experience with companies such as Tesco, Makro Cash and Carry, Globus, Kaufland, Norma, Metro Cash and Carry, etc.

The product range consists of all men's, women's and children's casual wear, underwear, socks, home textiles, etc.

We are working on expanding the assortment.


Who we are:
Adoco s.r.o. is a manufacturer and distributor of textile goods and promotional items, operating for several years throughout Europe.
A flexible and reliable partner in the world of textiles, which will advise and offer the desired goods on request.

The primary objective of our company is to offer a comprehensive range of quality textiles at low price levels.
Satisfied customers, to whom we can offer quality goods according to their wishes and requirements.
We provide a comprehensive service with a professional approach.

What we can do:
Deliver the goods according to the customer's requirements, including labels (printed), prints, embroidery, tags and packaging at a reasonable price.
Offer a wide range of goods in stock for immediate delivery.
To source, offer and quickly deliver textile commodity as per client's specific order.

Areas of offer:
Promotional textiles, corporate apparel and apparel for printing and embroidery.
Piece textiles for retail stores: men's, women's, children's, single-colour for printing.
Workwear, protective work equipment.
Hotel textiles, home textiles.

Retail chains in the Czech Republic and abroad: Tesco, Makro/Metro, Globus, Kaufland, etc.
Advertising agencies in the Czech Republic and abroad.
Companies focused on printing of advertising textiles (printers, embroidery shops).
State institutions (Police of the Czech Republic, hospitals, schools, etc.).
Multinational companies.
Textile retailers.
Companies focused on workwear.



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